Artist painter in Provence
Jeannine NERI was born in Marseille. She discovered pictorial art when she was 15 years old in the ALLAR Academy and received from this Academy the First Price for oil painting in 1952 and 1953.

Then went a long period devoted to her family during which she painted without exhibiting her works.

In 1988 she discovered watercolour. It is a revelation which quickly became a real passion. For two years she participated in numerous international exhibitions where her works were given the highest rewards.

This painting technique with real difficulties requires absolute mastery and perfect knowledge of the profession.

Allied and used for her talent it enables her to transpose her search into the field of light and life.

Delicate lines, delicacy of brush stroke, precise detail and an innate sense of lighting give her watercolours a rare captivating power.

Her works have been reproduced in France by Editions A.G.E.P. (postcards) and abroad by an Italian publisher E.G.I.M, in poster, under her pseudonym « Jany ». Also illustrations of several books : magazines such as
« Carnet de Provence », the S.P.A. Marseille Provence and mainly the creation for the General Council of Var, of the book « Aquarelle en Provence », showing seven small villages of Haut Var with 70 watercolours and 40 drawings in pen and ink (out of print).

Main exhibitions :
Marseille, Biarritz, Evian, Paris, Osaka, Miami, Genève, Bruxelle...
In Switzerland, in Montreux at the Galerie du Marché, in the United States, in Miami Beach at the gallery Jacques Harvey, Lincoln street and in her studio (Galerie sous l'Etoile) in Moustier Sainte Marie until 2011.
Jeannine Néri is listed in official Akoun (valuations of painters) and in the Meyer (1993 – dictionary of official bestsellers).

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